How To Join

How To Join Project San Andreas Roleplay

Before join Project San Andreas Roleplay, we HIGHLY SUGGEST reading our rules and understanding what makes San Andreas Roleplay! Click the button directly below, to launch our rules in a new page!

Method One (Preferred Method)

The short answer for those who might already have FiveM (The program used to connect to our server(s)) is very easy. Simply scroll to the top of our website, click “Play Now” and wallah, it will do it all for you! It will launch FiveM, connect to our server, and load all in for you, without you actually having to do a single thing! Alternatively, you can just press the Play Now button below as well!

Method Two

Launch FiveM and once you are on their homepage, you can simply hit “Play” and type Project Rogue and press enter. Once it populates, simply click on the server, and select “Connect”

Method Three

Launch FiveM and once you are on their homepage, hit F8, and copy and paste this into the F8 Console connect and hit enter, and you will start to connect.

Need help or want more information on how to get started playing at Project Rogue Roleplay? We offer 24/7 support from our staff team and players in our discord which can found here at:

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