San Andreas Roleplay

In Game Commands

All in game commands need to be entered EXACTLY like they are below. For instance, if the title says /e crossarms that means in game, you will need to physically press your T button, and type “/e crossarms”. Doing so, your character would cross their arms! Enjoy this extensive list of commands, and learn some new things that will open HUGE quality of life additions to your time in the city! This is is constantly being updated, and always available for players! So make sure to check back in periodically as we are constantly updating Project Rogue!


  • /fixdoorsDoor not working or unlocking on your house, business, etc.? Use this command to refresh the doors!

  • /hud – Pulls a menu to toggle certain portions of your HUD and vehicle HUD !

  • /propstuckIf a prop sticks to you, like a box, phone, radio, etc. do this command

  • /fixradialUse if radial menu (Your Tilda Key) gets stuck on the screen

  • /fixeyeUse if your Left Alt (3rd eye) for interacting with stuff, gets stuck on your screen.

  • /hotbar To force Hot Bar if it EVER gets stuck!

  • /streamermodecommand allows players to disable all music running through car radios, DJ Booths, etc. from xSound. Great for events, or anyone who doesn’t want to hear DMCA music.

  • /reportUsing this will open Project Rogue Report System UI, and you can report any type of bug, rule break, person, etc. to Staff.

  • /vsyncUsing this will ATTEMPT to reset your voice box. Does not work EVERYTIME.

  • /telfix– Force closes your phone and reloads the UI. Meant for if for whatever reason it gets stuck on your screen.

  • /resetmyphoneThis command will reset your phone position if you make a mistake in zoom or drag options in phone settings

  • /givecontact Give player your contact information

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