About Us

About Us

What is Project San Andreas Roleplay ?

San Andreas Roleplay is a GTA 5 FiveM Serious Roleplay Server that allows players from all over the world to roleplay and interact with others using the base framework of GTA 5.

Our developers have been developing in the FiveM space since 2016, and have brought a new unique, versatile, and fun way to expand on the every growing platform of GTA 5 Roleplay.

Whether you have heard of FiveM before, or not, you probably have seen GTA 5 Roleplay on Twitch, YouTube, or other popular streaming services. In a vast world of San Andreas and open world gaming, Project Rogue succeeds to

execute on a unique, exciting, fun, and user friendly experience, that captivates all types of characters and story lines in Los Santos and Surrounding Counties! If you have ever wanted to enjoy the experience that you see the other 250,000 concurrent players having, look no further!


What Does Project San Andreas Have To Offer?

Realistic Roleplay

Project Rogue is NOT GTA Online. We have rules in place and our players believe in a more realistic approach when it comes to playing the game. Your character will need to eat, drink, de-stress, get a job, buy a car, buy a house, etc. just like in real life!

Realistic Economy

Project Rogue has an economy that is set in place to make the game rewarding, challenging, and over all; unique and fun. Our players face challenges around their economical decisions everyday. Will you buy a gun the minute you get off the train, or a cheap vehicle? Choice is yours!


Of course there are legal jobs to roleplay as for everyone. Be a warehouse employee who delivers packages. Become a farmer and plant crops. Work as a mine worker collecting rocks and valuables. Hunt animals and sell pelts and meat. And many many more options!


Project Rouge offers a huge selection of vehicles to choose from! Whether you are into imports, muscle cars, exotic super cars, or big lifted trucks, we got it! We offer over 250+ add on vehicles, along with every Vanilla and DLC vehicle Rockstar has released up to 2021.

Illegal Roleplay

Lets say that you don’t really like the 9-5 vibe. That’s okay! You can rob stores, banks, casinos, and art galleries. Sell or manufacture weed, meth, cocaine, heroine, etc. Distribute weapons, and other illegal items. The possibilities are endless and so much to discover at Rogue!


We offer a huge police force for our players to enjoy exciting, and intense scenes! Whether you want to roleplay as an officer, or you want to run away from the police, you can bet that the car that is chasing the bad guys, is 100% a real life person! Get lost in the RP of a police officer.


EMS offer unique ways of getting help and surviving those crazy scenes with your friends! The men and women who serve on the EMS team are there to help and assist you when you start to feel ill or have a serious injury! Get lost in the realism of Medical Roleplay today!

Department Of Justice

Some of the coolest scenes we have seen have come from the DOJ. Your rights are protected at Project Rogue, where you will be able to see you day in court, and fight for your freedom! Expunge your record, sue someone, apply for a business license, or Class 2 Weapon License.

Player Owned Businesses

A unique portion of Project Rogue is that we offer a way for citizens to own their businesses. We have players who own fast food businesses, strip clubs, dealerships, bars, clubs, and more! Got an idea you want to see come to life? So do we! Join today to start the process!

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